Dragon Auto Spa

Dragon Auto Spa is a trusted one-stop-shop for your Automotive Protection needs. We are conveniently located in Longwood, FL, and serve the entire Orlando area. We can help you decide what service(s) would best suit your needs.

Our product lines include Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings. These protective coatings not only offer excellent protection from the elements but also provide a greatly enhanced depth and clarity to the vehicle’s paint. Ceramic Coatings are typically applied to the entire car for maximum coverage. These coatings come in various levels of protection and warranties ranging from 6 months to Lifetime. Ceramic Coatings provide good impact protection, excellent chemical protection and are also desirable for an improved appearance. We use CeramicPro exclusively for our Ceramic Coatings as they are by far the best in the industry.

Next in our line up of protection are Paint Protective Films. These are often referred to as a Clear Bra or PPF for short. PPF films are typically applied to the entire front of the car to protect against everything that may hit the car while driving down the road. For budget reasons the film may cover what is called a partial front where only the most critical areas are protected. Other times the entire vehicle may be covered in PPF. Paint Protection Films offer the ultimate in impact resistance, very good chemical resistance and are virtually invisible when installed as they are not normally intended to change the appearance of the car’s paint. Some of the variations in Clear Bra materials can provide a matte finish if desired. Our flagship PPF is Kavaca, which is made by Ceramic Pro but we also offer other top-rated films.

If the ultimate level of both protection and appearance is what you are looking for, and budget permits, we recommend combining the Paint Protection Films with a Ceramic Coating. This combination is unbeatable.

We invite you to stop by our shop in Longwood for a free, no-pressure consultation. We will inspect your vehicle, show you samples, and give an accurate estimate as to the actual cost of our services. We are a Veteran-owned company and we do not cut corners. We carry only the best of the best products and offer a price match guarantee.

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