New Paint Protection Film by Ceramic Pro - KAVACA. No other PPF comes close!

KAVACA is the new King of Best Paint Protection Films.

Unmatched 12 Year Warranty
INSTANT Self-Healing

KAVACA (pronounced ka-VA-cha) was introduced at SEMA 2019 by Ceramic Pro. It is by far the best Paint Protection Film available. PPF products provide the best impact protection for your car and are virtually invisible. While the Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings we apply is like a hard layer of glass on the paint, and they provide the best chemical and environment protection for your car, they are not able to withstand the same level of impact protection as a Paint Protection Film. Although a PPF application can be put on an entire car, they are generally focused on the parts of the car that see the most "stuff" thrown at it. This is normally the bumpers, hood, and fenders.

If budget permits, the combination of KAVACA and Ceramic Pro will absolutely keep your cars paint looking better than a showroom for many, many years. Contact us to find out which of our products would be the best choice for your car. We offer free consultations and we service the Longwood, Lake Mary, Sanford, and the Orlando areas.

Check out videos below to see why KAVACA is the best PPF available.